Together we will save lives!

With your help,we will develop life-saving technology solutions,making public awareness for identifying the red flags of violence our priority. Together we will save lives!

A must set of rules and tools needed in recognizing domestic violence – vital information compiled by COB of Bat Melech, Tzilit Jacobson, Lili Ben-Ami, and Dr. Orna Yehuda Abrahamson.
Five red flags that are commonly present within a domestic partnership.

Five Red Flags – Identifying Domestic Abuse

What if you had all the resources in the world to develop the obvious technology solution that could save lives and prevent domestic violence?
The Michal Sela Safe @ Home Hackathon is the first hackathon in Israel to save lives and combat violence.

The Michal Sela Safe@Home Hackathon, 18-20.5.2020

Share. Don't keep quiet.

Michal Sela was murdered in her home, only 32 years old. In her memory we break the silence. Speakers on, Watch  

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Help lines

In case you need counseling, guidance or treatment, for you or for another woman, it is important to contact a specialist for advice and professional guidance -

Emergency call centers 24 hours a day in Israel :

118- Emergency hotline of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Social Services (Assistance in all languages)

055-7000128 - Silent Emergency Call Center - SMS. Of the Ministry of Welfare
6724 * - No2Violence and OnLife hotline (No to violence against women - assistance in all languages)
1800-292-333 Bat-Melech Association - For Orthodox  women
106 Your local authority
073-3927747 / 48/49/50 Free Legal Aid Call Center
1-800-393-904 Line for Men in the Violence Circle (WIZO)
04-6566813 Emergency line for Arab women
08-9965008 Arab Women in the Center (Noam)
02-6730002 for Religious Women
02-5328000 for religious men

Sexual assault victims:
Women 1202 Men 1203
Watsap: 052-8361202
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Michal Sela Forum advances the use of technology for the prevention of violence and murder of women.