About Michal Sela Forum

Mission: Israel as a global superpower in fighting the terror of domestic violence

Domestic violence is the only life-threatening field where there are no prevention measures or real-time solutions available.

All existing solutions in Israel (turning to the police, welfare, or shelters) are used in hindsight and all rest solely on the shoulders of the individual woman. These solutions haven't changed in the last 70 years.

On October 3, 2019, 32-year-old Michal Sela was brutally murdered at her home. The man who was charged with her murder was Michal’s spouse and father of her daughter. On May 2020, Lily Ben- Ami, Michal’s older sister, founded the Michal Sela Forum and has managed since to recruit over 800 volunteers who are committed to one ultimate goal: make Israel a powerful, leading and innovative nation in all matters concerning the battle against domestic violence.


The Michal Sela Forum (NPO) is dedicated to saving lives and abolishing domestic violence through innovation and technological solutions, "outside the box thinking", and an emphasis on social solidarity. The Forum has been successful in attracting and enlisting new players into the field of domestic violence abolishment, including top industry leaders in Israel, in order to save the life of the next murdered woman. Together we aim to replace the discourse of problems & victimhood, with creative solutions, strength and mutual responsibility.


Three months ago, Israeli President Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin hosted "Safe@Home - the Michal Sela Hackathon", together with Min. Gilad Erdan, Israeli Ambassador to the UN and in Washington DC, and Min. of Welfare and Social Services Itzik Shmuli. All three of them are also partners in the Forum's next main moves.


"Michal Sela Hackathon" gained international attention, more than 1800 programmers registered and built 54 technological start-up initiatives.

Partners included: Microsoft Israel, Facebook Israel Pangea, Amdocs, Mobileye, Attenti, Elbit, Intel, Wix, Phillips, Applied materials, Salesforce, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, Joint-Elka, Ministry of Public Security, Israel Police, Israel Prison Services, Israel Authority for Prevention of Violence, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Ministry of Justice, The Office of the State Attorney, Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare in the Jeruaselm Hebrew University, Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.


In order to save lives, Michal Sela's family agreed to expose her story, which was documented and broadcasted on national television in two major episodes of the program "UVDA", which won an unprecedented 20% rating marks, and reverberated powerfully across the Israeli society, and created a wave of woman who were willing to share their stories and experience with silent, life endangering domestic violence. The Michal Sela Forum was chosen by the Ministry of Welfare to be a member of a combined committee leading the national plan to prevent the murder of woman and domestic violence and to lead the team of third sector experts in the area of violence preventive technology.


The Forum is leading several innovative projects such as: the establishment of an incubator and a special accelerator to support a team of the top 10 technological start-ups that were developed on the Michal Sela Hackathon, project "Michal Sela Dogs" to provide protection dogs to threatened woman, the establishment of a technological incubator with the ministry of welfare and the Israel Innovation Authority and a national campaign- "5 warning signals in relationships".

In the name of the Michal Sela Forum we have stated our mission and goal: to make Israel a superpower in fighting the terror of domestic violence;


Together with you, we hope to provide women around the world, better lives and security.

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