The Michal Sela Hackathon 18-20.5.2020, safe@home

We need a life-saving idea to combat domestic violence!

What if you had all the resources in the world to develop the obvious technology solution that could save lives and prevent domestic violence?
Then you have. And all you have to do is dream big, get up, and  fulfill it with us.

The Michal Sela Safe @ Home Hackathon is the first hackathon in Israel to save lives and combat violence.
On 18.5.20 hundreds of elite SW engineers joined forces with the best experts in domestic violence and built life-saving technological products!

Our mission is to save lives.

During the Hackathon, online lectures were broadcasted on our Facebook page. Follow and share.

More about the Michal Sela Hakathon

Don’t say “It won’t happen to me”. If it happened to Michal - it could happen in any home. join us.
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Michal Sela Forum advances the use of technology for the prevention of violence and murder of women.