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This is a project aimed at saving lives and preventing domestic violence, initiated by the Michal Sela Forum, a nonprofit association seeking to eradicate all types of violence and intimidation against women and to attain zero murderers per year. The forum advances the use of technology solutions and encourages outside-the-box thinking to create tools for predicting potential violent situations and providing defensive tools and means for rapid and urgent intervention when necessary in order to save the life of the attacked woman.

Our Vision Providing greater personal security for every woman that is facing threats In Israel, there are women that have courageously succeeded in extricating themselves from violent relationships, a move that requires tremendous mental resources. However, many times the violence does not end, and these women continue to feel threatened even as they try to forge a new path in the world. Unfortunately, such cases often end in additional manifestations of violence and even murder. We strive to provide these women with security in their daily lives, to allow them to leave their homes and return whenever they choose, alone or with others, without fear of being attacked. The dog walking alongside them will not only give them confidence and independence, but if necessary, will also "buy" them time to summon help. Through the joint training that the woman and dog assigned to her will undergo as a single unit, the threatened woman will be able to live a relatively normal life and set out on a truly new path. How will we do it? • We will import guard?? protective dogs from special farms that train these types of dogs (including training them for military security uses). • The dogs will be assigned to women at risk, who live in a separate household from their former abusive spouses, but still suffer threats, intimidation and various forms of violence that makes life difficult for them. • The dog and woman will undergo joint training over a period of several months, and will get to know one another and develop a common language. • The project will be supported by world-class dogs and leading dog trainers in Israel and worldwide, both from the civilian and military sectors. • Each dog will be trained to ensure that it does not attack right away, but will know that it must first detect a threat, warn the woman against it, serve as a buffer between her and the dangerous menace, and only as a last resort will it attack so as to neutralize the threatening man without causing severe injury. Thus, the dog will "buy" time for the woman to call for help. • The dog and the woman will continue to live together, with the various expenses - from the purchase of the dog to its ongoing needs - being covered by the association. The dog and the woman will provide security and independence for each other.

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Michal Sela Forum advances the use of technology for the prevention of violence and murder of women. Michalsela.org.il